Hi, I'm Jesse

I'm a student in computer science with a passion for innovation and project management.


Growing up, I never thought of myself as "artistic": I thought that to be artistic, one had to have the ability to translate imagery or sound from the mind into the physical world.

Growing older, I discovered a different form of art in which I exceled: Obstacle Deconstruction.

When presented with a problem, my strongest contribution to my team is my ability to simplify and map the process to the solution. I love to take an abstract hurdle and translate it down into its simplest pieces.


Project Leadership

I have led multiple projects from inception to deployment ranging from a social networking site to a DIY-Segway.

Diverse Computing Background

I've had formal education and direct experience on a wide spectrum of computation, from assembly coding all the way up to full-stack webdev and evolutionary computation.

Academically Engaged

Outside of class, I'm hugely passionate about many areas of study. Most of my free time is spent following research in computational science, physics, and astronomy.


Breaking a problem down into it's smaller parts is an exercise in creativity. I believe that it requires an artistic understanding of the problem space and that I possess this skill.